Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Le sigh

Really I'm just saying hi to anyone who still checks my blog. I know I start worrying after a couple months and I've gone longer than that.

Not much going on, I did just today get asked if I'd pick up some more hours at that home health care job, and it's a new client this time, hoping this one doesn't weigh 300 lbs because wow is it hard to move such a heavy person around, even with a hoyer. And ofc daddie dearest still an ass, but more work hours would be a great reason to see him less. Not like he pays me anyway. If I don't get the new client, I'm going to look into trying out for some online jobs I've run into, with my first picks being the flexible hours ones ofc. I just need money. It sucks, but it's true. Mom is happy to have me here, we both agree we don't want to live alone and I'm still single (lack of gaydar sucks) but she can't keep shouldering all the financial needs. She's getting up there in years.

And really things will only improve if I were in charge of the money, because she is far too easily taken advantage of. Poor lady is a doormat and everyone knows it. Besides how she was bullied into taking the jailbird in, she's constantly hit up for money by everyone, even distant relations. They would not get anywhere with me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

is it wrong that I hate him?

Ya know what's fun? Carting daddie dearest around and watching him squander medical care that I can only dream off.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

why are my fellow americans so damn stupid??

Well yay, the idiot majority voted a misogynist into the white house instead of a woman who is merely questionable.

that means we get a guy who brags about assaulting women then wants to punish any woman who dares get an abortion. We also get a guaranteed 4 years of denying anything on climate change and making things worse. So the dumbass in nowheresville can go back to blowing up forests to mine coal and oil and fraking yet more.

this country doesn't deserve nice things.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

trying to be brave

They want me to practically live here, at daddie dearest's, and after 3 days if sitting bored in his hospital room, and letting his dog out, I've only been given 20$. Not cool. I know I am right to want to be paid for all this time, it takes me away from seeking a real job. But these two, especially daddie, have always steamrollered over me. And over my Mom.

When I was a kid, daddie dearest only paid $50 a month per kid in child support. Is it fair to expect a Mom to raise 2 kids on $100 a moth? Of course not! And now daddie thinks I should live with him. Um no, I don't want to. I want to stay with my cats, in my own house where I don't get condescending to. And I don't sleep as well in a strange bed. So I am unhappy. I know they can't technically force me, but can I stand up?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

why should I watch his ass?

Got some news just now, seems daddie dearest it being dramatic, going into hospital for a kidney stone, and wants me & Bro to come over tonight to make a long term care plan for him, because of course his money is not for hiring g professional people, nope his cheap ass wants me to do it.

I am not happy. Why should I watch his homophobic ass? He only ever paid 50$ a month child support for me, 50 for Bro. No single Mom can raise her kids on $100 a month. And he still preaches at me, "being gay is the same as being a pedophile" NO IT IS NOT!! This guy charged host own son rent Oh but the half siblings, the kids from his current marriage, they don't have to come help. If this had happened when I was still in college I wonder if he'd have expected me to drop out. And this is really gonna eat into my free time.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

yes I live!

Not much going on. Still at that job, tho the guy voluntarily Redid his schedule so I don't do showers, but that also means I won't get many shifts. Anything that requires strength is out. Sigh. I need a different income source.

Ofc I could actually get that new computer finally put together. It's been so hot up here, haven't made enough room in Bro's opinion.

maybe I should learn to drive the big disabled people truck. I hate driving but at least I'm facing some fears.

Like the express way. I hate it! But I get off work very late so I drove home on express way/highway at night for a month. And last week I took it *to* work for the first time.
I still hate driving. Ugh, where are all the boring desk jobs where I just type shit up?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Graduated! wait mrsa??

Wasn't easy either, what with uni messing things up to the very end. But I got a BA in religious studies, no idea what to do with such a degree, but at least I'm out. Got a job, though is hard job. My rule was "anything but retail" and well I found something but it is super hard in other ways. I'm a caregiver for a disabled man. He is not tiny. He is so physically disabled he can do nothing. There's a lift to get him into his chairs, bed etc, and his waist doesn't bend the full 90 degrees to sit and I definitely don't have the strength to pull him up. I think I pulled a few muscles of my own last night. I am sore today.

he is also a mrsa carrier which freaks me out. How easy is it to catch that? I have to shower the guy and last night water dripped from his arm to my eye while I tried to scrub his rear (shower chair has hole there). There are no sores on his arms, just dry skin, a scab of some sort on his leg though. How much danger am I in? Is mrsa like cold sores in that is only contagious sometimes?

Got my new computer last month but it is not together yet. It's so big I need to still make room and my floor is not large or well organized. Bro is talking about mounting stuff on my wall so computer can use a table. He doesn't want it on the floor. Uggghhhhh......